Global Roll-Out

For many leading broadcasters, the ability to roll out channels globally is a key strategic plan in monetising both their brand and their content

Phoenix7’s experience of launching channels across 5 continents provides the confidence that timelines and budgets can be met reliably.

BBC Studios is a global content power house created by the merger of BBC Studios, production, and BBC Worldwide, distribution, to form an entity responsible for the end-to-end creation and monetization of the best of British content.

Phoenix7 is the long-standing provider of BBC Worldwide’s Channel Management solution, currently used for 26 channels, across the Global Markets division of the company and will continue this relationship with the newly created BBC Studios.

BBC Studio’s Shad Hashmi commented : “BBC Studios and Phoenix 7 look to continue working together into the future. Phoenix 7 have always provided reliable solutions for our broadcast business and we hope to continue working with them to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for the fast evolving Broadcast industry.”