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Almost 20 years ago, a group of media IT professionals saw the opportunity to create a new solution for the industry.

Our ethos was to keep things simple, flexible and pragmatic to meet the needs of a fast-changing sector that would face constant challenges on all fronts.

Our vision was to create a platform that was more robust, more agile, more efficient and with better functionality than any previous solution.

  • Robust

    The solution has been written as one integrated system from the ground up, rather than acquiring bolt-ons to extend functionality; this provides the security of industry-leading uptime and built-in fail-safes.

  • Efficient

    The solution has been designed by seasoned media professionals, with an in-depth understanding of key performance levers and best practices, giving you fast response times, leading functionality and high efficiency.

  • Agile

    Our core technology provides you with the fastest deployment in the industry and RAD development capability that means an end to constant development backlogs.

  • Scalable

    Processing times remain industry-leading even on the largest, multi-platform, multi-language installations, with the solution tested to hundreds of concurrent users and dozens of channels on any one site.

This solution is now used on 5 continents and is regarded by some of the world's leading media organisations as the cornerstone of their operational effectiveness and strategic agility.

The leadership team

Hitesh Vekaria, CEO at Phoenix7

Hitesh Vekaria

Julian Palfrey, CTO at Phoenix7

Julian Palfrey

Chris Hacon, Commercial Director at Phoenix7

Chris Hacon

Jos Townley, Development Director at Phoenix7

Jos Townley

Hitesh Vekaria


Following a BSc in Computer Science, Hitesh spent 10 years designing and implementing mission-critical enterprise solutions, often in complex, time-sensitive environments. After nearly 10 years in media broadcasting, managing some 200 global channel launches, Hitesh became a founding director of Phoenix7.

Julian Palfrey


Following a science degree at Leeds, Julian joined a global Engineering company where he was responsible for a series of major international projects. His experience of RAD techniques led to his delivery of one of the first, commercial broadcasting solutions. In 2002, Julian became a founding director of Phoenix7.

Chris Hacon

Commercial Director

Following two international business degrees, latterly an MBA at the London Business School, Chris worked in international consultancy, eventually becoming involved in the venture capital field. Based on his experience of the broadcast sector, in 2002, Chris became a founding director of Phoenix7.

Jos Townley

Development Director

Having achieved an international business degree, Jos spent several years in business development roles before joining a leading US consultancy, where he was responsible for delivering international transformation projects. In 2002, Jos became a founding director of Phoenix7.

Our vision

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