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Maximising revenue and leveraging content are critical success factors in an increasingly competitive market.

Our sales management workflow optimises the end-to-end sales cycle, increasing productivity, maximising revenue and helping you to leverage your inventory. Our solution has been specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of key international markets.

Many customers take advantage of our capability to bring this critical activity in-house, thereby maximising yields, driving efficiencies and deepening client relationships.

Our solution

  • Key benefits of our solution include a wide range of tools and interfaces adapted to key global markets:
    • Revenue optimisation through flexible forecasting and spot-costing capability
    • Auto-slotting based on configurable parameters to ease initial workflow and improve yields
    • Configurable wizards to manage rotations and avoid potential clashes mean enhanced productivity and enhanced client service levels
    • Deal management across multiple channels/clients/brands, further enhancing yields and client satisfaction levels
    • Management of ratings targets vs actual performance
    • Full set of metrics to enable monitoring of forecast vs actual revenues and commissions by agency, advertiser, product category and advertiser brand
    • Sales trafficking and spots management are managed as part of our integrated workflow, enabling key sales employees to focus on opportunities to enhance yields
    • Automated generation of invoices and reports driven by as-run logs and system-generated outputs


Phoenix7's integrated solutions enabled us to stay ahead of the game
Alan Constant CTO, Digicel
In Phoenix7, we've found a platform that is genuinely robust and agile, as well as efficient and scalable
Heather Killen Chairman & CEO, Horse & Country

Case studies

  • Cloud-based launch of SVOD & Catch-Up on Amazon Platform

  • Added Value Services

  • Global Roll-Out

  • Workflow Automation

  • Fast-track Channel Launch

Cloud-based launch of SVOD & Catch-Up on Amazon Platform

In broadcasting, constant innovation in such areas as non-linear is difficult to reconcile with an equally constant need to drive efficiencies. Phoenix7 enables clients to square this circle and deliver innovation rapidly, reliably and cost-efficiently.

H&C is the leading equestrian sports and lifestyle network reaching over 40 million households through its network spanning seven territories. The channel is available on leading networks including Sky and Virgin TV in the UK, Prime Video in the UK and Germany, Ziggo in The Netherlands, Com Hem and Telenor in Sweden, and Fetch TV in Australia, as well as via web, iOS, Android, Chromecast and Roku apps.

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Added Value Services

Value added services are a key differentiator for providers servicing the broadcasting market, contributing to clients’ perception by consumers in terms of innovation and service levels as well as their cost-effectiveness. Phoenix7 have a wide range of capabilities from cloud-based hosting to non-linear and the ability to configure and customise to meet the most demanding…

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Global Roll-Out

For many leading broadcasters, the ability to roll out channels globally is a key strategic plan in monetising both their brand and their content Phoenix7’s experience of launching channels across 5 continents provides the confidence that timelines and budgets can be met reliably. BBC Studios is a global content power house created by the merger…

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Workflow Automation

Broadcasting faces increasing competition for each dollar of advertising revenue whilst simultaneously having to deal with the rapid increase in complexity brought about by the proliferation of platforms and formats. Workflow automation provides broadcasters with the ability to run their channels efficiently and provides management with the headroom to focus on monetising content. Digicel is…

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Fast-track Channel Launch

The ability to bring new channels to market on time and on budget has become a critical success factor for channels seeking to attract new audiences and generate revenue growth. Phoenix7 have leveraged their leading position in the UK to help broadcasters across the globe bring new channels to market faster, more reliably and more…

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