Cloud-based launch of SVOD & Catch-Up on Amazon Platform

In broadcasting, constant innovation in such areas as non-linear is difficult to reconcile with an equally constant need to drive efficiencies.

Phoenix7 enables clients to square this circle and deliver innovation rapidly, reliably and cost-efficiently.

H&C is the leading equestrian sports and lifestyle network reaching over 40 million households through its network spanning seven territories. The channel is available on leading networks including Sky and Virgin TV in the UK, Prime Video in the UK and Germany, Ziggo in The Netherlands, Com Hem and Telenor in Sweden, and Fetch TV in Australia, as well as via web, iOS, Android, Chromecast and Roku apps. H&C operates its OTT service on the MPX platform from Comcast Technology Solutions. The Channel carries exclusive sports event coverage, news, documentary and personality-led programming for the passionate equestrian audience. Each service is programmed for its particular territory and brings the best of international and national equestrian events.

Phoenix7 have supported H&C’s growth from a single channel through to the 2018 launch in the USA.

H&C’s Heather Killen, Chairman & CEO stated: “Phoenix7 have been a key enabler in the launch of our innovative services, providing us with the ability to link seamlessly with other core vendors; supporting our UK and German channels through XML development that facilitates our SVOD and Catch-up services on Amazon; moving us onto a turnkey, cloud-based solution; and providing us with other enhancements tailored to our specific needs.  Phoenix7 have proved themselves to be flexible and responsive to our changing requirements, with a platform that is genuinely robust, agile, efficient and scalable.”