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Phoenix7 offers a comprehensive range of modules to meet the news of your business.

We combine seamless workflow automation with the ability to pick and choose modules according to your needs.

Channel Management

Managing Across Platforms

The demands on channel management have increased exponentially with the proliferation of new platforms and formats and the increasing internationalisation of channels.

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Media Management

Managing Complexity

Our MAM solution enables you to control your media in a way that maximises quality, improves productivity, leverages your media assets, saves you time and helps to keep you secure.

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Sales Management

Optimising Revenues

Our sales management workflow optimises the end-to-end sales cycle, increasing productivity, maximising revenue and helps you to leverage your inventory.

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Content Management

Making Content Work

Our content management solution provides you with the ability to benchmark costs, income and audience numbers, providing key information on improving yields.

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Live Event Management

Handling Dynamic Workflows

The next level in live event management, with seamless workflow integration enhancing the viewing experience whilst ensuring the highest levels of quality and productivity.

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Resource Management

Driving Efficiencies

Our solution facilitates workflow management from the point of commissioning through to budgeting, project management, financial management and post-production delivery.

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Genre-specific features

Phoenix7 has in-depth experience across all key genres, giving us a high level of fit with most requirements. Clients benefit from smooth, fast-track deployment of their new solution and a wealth of features, wizards and tools to select from.


Entertainment: many of our clients are in general Entertainment and we have in-depth experience of different approaches to this popular genre.

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Sport: we have wide experience of the Sport genre, from generalised channels to channels for the largest global football clubs and niche channels.

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Shopping: experience of different formats, such as live shopping and reverse auctions mean that we have the ability to configure our solution to meet your specific needs.

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Film: we number pure film channels amongst our clients and are able to handle linear, VOD and NVOD as standard.

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Music: music channels have many more and shorter events than other formats and the tools and wizards that we offer are essential to making the workflow manageable.

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Kids: children's programming is a key genre where Phoenix7 works with some of the world's leading brands, such as BBC Studios, CBeebies and ZooMoo.

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Whether a pure news channel or a channel featuring specific news slots, our clients have similar requirements, mixing recorded content with live content and pre-recorded interstitials.

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