Integration Products

We provide solutions, such as:

  • Entertainment
    A number of features are illustrated in this showreel... content based 'press red button' to ensure the correct iTV application is triggered, auto-scheduling of now, next and color breaker between commercials
  • Holiday
    Access 'holiday database', identifies current offers for the clip being aired and publishes the details into the broadcast chai
  • Shopping
    With the combination of the phoenix7's product database and planning tool the client is able to auto generate all the slates that the gallery can switch on/off during the live presentation
  • Auction
    Phoenix7 solution the hub of live falling price auction channel driving all the text/graphics elements on screen, controlled by the producer in combination with auto sourcing and publishing from call centre, IV, stock control, sms/mms, etc.
  • Music
    Auto triggering of content based text and graphic to screen movie/ppv, gaming, sports, voting