About Phoenix7

Our heritage includes working with some of the leading lights in the industry including but not limited to Sky, BBC, Carlton, Enteraction TV, BBC UK TV, Flextech, Discovery Communication, Network Centre, Channel 5, Showtime, Granada Sky Broadcasting, Carlton Digital, Travel Channel International, Sci Fi Channel, TV4 in Sweden and many more across all flavours of media

About us:

  • Established in August 2002, we are London-Based and owner-managed
  • Broadcast mindset and skill set
  • Diverse expertise: business, technology, management, software
  • Relationships: playouts, EPG, automation & graphics solutions
  • Over 87 Channels currently use our solution
  • Debt-free, profitable and growing
  • Costs are kept low and flexible by working with a long-standing network of associates
  • To date, a 100% track record