10 Years On!

Thursday, 6 September, 2012 - 19:30

Phoenix7 turned 10 this year and it has been a remarkable journey. We started out with a dream and a vision and, thanks to some great clients, this has now become a reality. In those early days, our aim was threefold.

As seasoned broadcasting professionals, we realised that what clients in the new millennium were asking for was, above all, agility. Broadcasting has never been more dynamic, with the pace of commercial, technological and organisational innovation increasing exponentially year-on-year. Clients such as BBC Worldwide, Scripps and BT Vision are using our solution to drive multiple platforms and formats, integrate multiple service providers and integrate with leading technology companies, such as PixelPower, Brainstorm and ObjectMatrix. By designing our solution from the ground up, we have been able to select the right technology strategy to ensure seamless integration, scalability and flexibility that our clients tell us is unmatched. Our solution has been tested on 200 simultaneous users, 50 concurrent channels and we have enabled the launch of new channels in days rather than months. Our offering means that clients can source all their broadcast management requirements from one, integrated system.

Secondly, the new commercial reality is that implementation and running costs must be leaner, a major part of which includes hitting deadlines, especially where the launch of new channels and services are concerned. Increasingly, staff productivity is a critical issue, with static or reducing budgets on the one hand and increasing levels of innovation to absorb on the other. We are proud to have helped some of the most productive broadcasters in the industry achieve their pre-eminence.

Last, but not least, we set out to develop a different kind of relationship with our clients, one that is based on a profound understanding of broadcasting in general and individual client needs in particular. As we have grown, this has meant tailoring our offering towards most channel formats, including Entertainment, Children, Travel and Holidays, Shopping, Auctions, Sport, Film, Music, Games and Public Service. We have also learnt to accommodate the needs of everyone from start-ups to the largest global players who need 24/7 support.

So thank you to our clients, thank you to our people and, in particular, thank you to our users in some 80 channels from Europe to Asia, from Africa to North and South America who inspire us to produce ever better solutions.